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Why is real estate such a good investment?

Of all possible investments that are within the reach of the average investor, none offer the combination of outstanding benefits that are available to real estate investors.  And, do you want to know something, banks and life insurance companies recognize this fact!  So, they invest your money in real estate. 

Real estate offers the investor four different returns or ways of making money, on his or her investment.

1. Gross Spendable Income:  Investors also refer to this as “cash flow” or how much money do you have to spend at the end of the year after all the operating expenses and mortgage payments have been made.  We are referring to this is “gross” spendable because we have not taken income tax consequences into consideration at this point. 

2. Equity Income:  This is also referred to as equity buildup or principal reduction.  Anyone who has had a mortgage on a home or a car recognizes that each time a payment is made, a certain portion of that payment is for the interest charged by the lender and the balance goes toward reducing the balance on the loan.  In a real estate investment, this equity income can be a sizable amount.  Although you cannot spend it each year, when the time comes to sell your property, you owe less on the mortgage, so you will receive more money at closing.  It’s like putting money in the bank each month.
3. Tax Shelter:  Real estate offers this advantage that is not offered by any other common investment vehicle.  Real estate investments will not only produce an excellent spendable income, all of which may be tax free, but owning the investment will produce a “paper loss” which the IRS may allow you to write off against other real estate income.

4. Appreciation:  The fourth and best is yet to come – Appreciation.  Like inflation, you do not see it but it’s there.  Only now, it’s working for you instead of against you.  How does it work?  Each year, because of inflation, your real estate may appreciate in value. 


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