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Move to the Coachella Valley. Every community has its likes and dislikes; one of the exciting trends you’ll discover in the Coachella Valley is the diversity of lifestyle choices available throughout the region. Each community within the valley brings something special and unique to love.


The 2019 Coachella Valley Relocation Magazine is available to you for free to help you discover a little bit more information about the valley. The magazine highlights the 9 primary communities that represent the Coachella Valley. The magazine also provides an overview of demographics, nearby activities, higher-education, healthcare, and other information resources.

Magazine Overview

  • 96 Pages

  • Welcome to the Coachella Valley

  • Geography & Climate

  • Travel & Location

  • Adventure Time

  • Higher Education

  • Regional Healthcare

  • Economic Snapshot

  • Social Media Pages to Join

  • Coachella Valley Buyers Guide