Don't Let Your Vacation Spoil Good Habits

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Don't Let Your Vacation Spoil Good Habits

 We all let our guard down when on vacation, but here are some easy tips to help keep healthy.

Return from vacation with your healthy habits intact:

- Eat breakfast it to give your metabolism a jumpstart and burn more calories until lunchtime. 

- Cooking at home gives you more control over the calorie and fat content than eating out.

- Cut down on saturated and trans fats.

- The FDA now regulates the use of phrases and terms in food packaging. Beware of products with tags like “lite” or reduced.

- If you boil vegetables, you can sap as much as 97 percent of their nutrients. Stick to steaming.

- Collect and use new healthy recipes to stay out of a rut.

- Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, which retain the most nutrients.  

- Eat organic produce.

- Fiber. It’s nature’s broom. You know you need it. The fiber and bulk in whole grains, fruits and vegetables help you shed pounds, keep you regular and sans hemorrhoids, as well as a host of other health benefits.