Aquatecture: Landscaping with Water

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Aquatecture: Landscaping with Water

It's hard to beat water as a landscaping feature in the desert.

Realizing that water is always at a premium and wasting it is a cardinal sin, any aquatecture (water landscaping) you undertake should be functional as well as beautiful. Pond and stream water should do double duty as plant water. Many prefabricated waterfall units are self-contained and recirculating, which will keep waste and water bills at a minimum.


A small starter pond kit can cost anywhere from $200 to $500, pumping about 300 gallons a minute. Larger kits start at $750 and range up to several thousand dollars. A 180-square-foot (11’ x 16’) pond is the standard size water feature.


Water features need a plastic liner, and a pump is a must – it keeps the water moving, which gives both visual and aural appeal, and aerates the water, which keeps the pest and algae population down. Most pumps for a small-to-medium project should circulate between 1000 and 3000 gallons per hour. Larger projects will require larger pumps. Filtration is usually only necessary if fish are used.


Start small. Aquatecture is the kind of project that can grow over time. If you build your water paradise gradually, the cost can be spread out as well.